Kim Churchill • "After the Sun Tour" 2019

Kim Churchill • "After the Sun Tour" 2019



Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin


Australian born, global adventurer Kim Churchill has always been inspired by his natural environment.

Recently – Kim embarked on a new project where he has worked collaboratively with artists and producers in Germany, Canada, Australia and the UK. Each session results in an EP that showcases the vibrancy and uniqueness of each location. The music and accompanying video content will be released beginning January 2019.

Below are examples of the content – this aesthetic is maintained throughout the project by using the same videography team and post production engineering team. The below examples are a fraction of locally shot content that form a bank of material (official video, behind the scenes, studio content, out and about/adventure content) that will be placed 50% on Kim’s channels and 50% as unique content for press outlets.

Please note that at this stage – final mixing/mastering is required on the audio for these acoustic clips.

Project description video here:
Acoustic video Berlin – After the Sun
Acoustic video Berlin – Look To
Acoustic video Canada – Dark Horse
Acoustic video Canada – Only Dreaming


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